Bali Wholesale Handmade Metal Handicrafts for Home and Office Decoration

Bali Wholesale Metal Hndicrafts

Bali Wholesale Metal Handicrafts

Bali Iron has been making production of metal handicrafts, metal work and metal artwork in Tabanan, in the middle regency of Bali, about 1 hour to the north west from Kuta. All our products are handmade, designed and hand crafted piece by piece, ......


Bali Sourcing Buying Agent

Sourcing Buying Agent

Bali with its rich colorful culture and tradition has numerous of talented craftsmen, produces a wide range of product such as Furnitures, Handicrafts, Accessories, etc, are spread all over the island. Finding these products are not easy, how ever there are certain areas that are known....


Bali Cargo Shipping Company</a>

Cargo Shipping Agent

The company was formed to facilitate the export from Bali of locally made Handicrafts, Furniture and Pottery. We complete all necessary documentation and expedite your goods for fast transit times. Because we have been shipping Bali handicrafts & furniture for over 10 years...


Bali Wholesale Metal Wall Art coconut Wall Decor

Coconut Decor

50, 50, 5 cm | Idr 92,000

COD 01

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Bali Wholesale Metal Wall Art coconut Wall Decor

Birds Decor

53, 43 cm | Idr 92,000

BID 01

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Bali Wholesale Metal Wall Art Bamboo Wall Decor

Bamboo Decor

50, 50, 5 cm | Idr 155,000

BAD 01

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Bali Metal Elmo Bird - Bali Metal Handicrafts

Metal Elmo

34, 11, 23 cm | Idr 40,700

ELM 01

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Bali Kangaroo Candle Holder - Bali Wholesale Metal Handicrafts

Kangaroo Candle

28, 13, 20 cm | Idr 38,000

KAO 01

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Turtle Mosquito Coil Holder - Bali Wholesale Metal Crafts

Turtle Coil

26, 22, 8 cm | Idr 38,800

TUR 01

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Crabs Mosqutio coil holder - Bali Wholesale Handmade Mosquito Coil Holder

Crabs Coil

32, 27, 8 cm | Idr 45,200

CRB 01

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Elephant Coil Holder - Bali Wholesale Candle Holder

Elephant Candle

15, 14, 14 cm | Idr 27,900

ELP 01

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Turtle Metal Wall Decor - Bali Wholesale Wall Decor

Wall Decor

50, 45 cm | Idr 52,800

TUR 01

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Bali Handmade Metal Handicrafts for Your Home and Office Decoration


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